Wreck Dive | Plane | Bodrum

Plane Wreck Bodrum

Our ex Turkish Air Force Dakota C47 model plane wreck sits at a depth of 17-32 meters.  This plane wreck dive is an easy scuba dive for entry level divers and above. After a short underwater swim, you’ll see the cockpit and engines looming in the distance, with the wings spread out on either side. Now split in two, the body and tail are deeper in the sand. Although not penetrable, apart from the rear cabin door which is at 29 meters depth, it’s still an impressive sight to see.

Be on the lookout for Groupers, tuna, Lionfish, scorpionfish and many sea bream in and around the plane.

Kenan (turkish) and his english wife Joby are both highly experienced instructors, and their crew are all either instructors or divemasters. their committment to safety is unequalled (i’ve done over 500 dives all over the world so have seen all sorts of dive school) .