Lionfish - diving in Bodrum with Aquapro

Big Reef/Small Reef

Both big and little reefs are boat dives. Sometimes there is a current on the surface and at shallow depths.  The reef depths vary from 5m-35m, This is considered a Medium difficulty dive.

You are more than likely to see an array of undersea life including, Large scaled scorpionfish, Lionfish, Triggerfish, Octopus, Moray Eel, Dusky and White Groupers, colorful sponges and  Nudibranch.  In addition, the reefs are great for spotting Barracuda, Tuna, large Groupers, and Leerfish.

Just finished 2 days of diving with Joby and the team… first class, knowledgeable instructors, excellent boat and kit… really good wreck and reef dives. I will be back next season to do the re-breather experience… Thanks Aquapero Dive for a great first Turkish diving experience…